Look inside your PC. See any money in there? Neither does HP. That's why the company wants to spin the PC business off into its own company as opposed to selling it altogether.

From Reuters:

"We prefer a spin-off as a separate company and the working hypotheses is that a spin-off will be in the best interests of HP's shareholders, customers and employees," a HP spokeswoman said. "However, we have to complete the diligence process and validate this assumption, including fully understanding the dis-synergies in separating the PSG business from HP."

Let me run that through the Execu-Speak-o-Tron here.... Ah yes:

"We're not sure we even care enough about running it in any way and might just dump it for two dollars and a bus ticket."

HP has been trying to focus all its efforts on business, which is also why it dumped all of its mobile products like phones and TouchPads.

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