Depending on how plugged in you are, you might know Wil Wheaton from the classic film Stand By Me or from his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or, if you're hip to web culture, you might know Wil from his very popular blog and his massively popular Twitter feed.

Wil is one of the sharper internet minds out there and, refreshingly, he happens to be a really nice guy too. Wil shared with us his love of the cloud-based storage tool Dropbox.

We also talked to Wil about an odd trend he's been noticing in his own life: he's starting to embrace technologies he'd always spurned. Is it selling out or just making a life that's a lot more efficient?

(We wanted to call that last segment "Never Say Never" but Justin Bieber beat us to it. CURSE YOU, BIEBER!)

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