Happy Thanksgiving! After that big dinner, many people will gear up for Black Friday shopping. There are deals galore to be had, and a new retailer of sorts is joining the mix: Thrift stores.

The Better Business Bureau used to be a reliable source on how everything from bars to gas stations rate, but it's reputation has taken a hit and online competitors like Yelp are edging the BBB out.

And maybe in between scooping up deals, you might want to dig into some frozen yogurt. After all, the froyo business is booming, so finding a stand won't be hard. If you're hungry in New York, you might want to try and score some underground grilled cheese sandwiches.

Across the pond, where they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, Ireland's debt crisis is making investors skittish, causing the euro to slide even more against the dollar. And the McDonald's chain in Britain is now offering a degree program in operations and business management to McD's employees.