iPad home videos: An etiquette lesson

What is the iPad etiquette when it comes to taking pictures and recording video?

iPad home videos -- what's worth recording, where, and how? Janell Burley Hofmann, a Cape Cod mother-of-five with strong opinions about how to behave with technology, says it's all about the small moments:

"I'm in my daughter's first grade classroom and they are doing a presentation on holidays around the world, and the teacher has pre-recorded them on video. A dad takes out his iPad and starts video-ing the video of his son. This memory that he's capturing here is of his child on a screen. So, I'm really thinking, what are we trying to capture here? I look back at my kid's videos when they were babies -- it's not those formal things that I like to look at, it's those one or two minutes of life, of them wrestling on the couch cushions or playing out in the yard with the dog. Those are the things that I think really capture life. I really feel like that's what we're missing," says Burley Hoffman.

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Janell Burley Hofmann, is blogger and a Cape Cod mother-of-five.
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Hi Janell:

I was leaving the Cape :( yesterday when I heard your interview. A couple observations? Dads are dads - we capture and collect weird things - so I don't think we make a good group to study to assess trends (unless more hair on back, less hair on head and belly-button lint are subjects of interest). Because the dad was videoing a video - does not necessarily mean he has not collected a number of other images or moments related to his children. A video of a video is potentially very share worthy and something that the grandparents might love. Finally, I guess I found the use of the iPad to capture the moment the most curious...I would never think to use mine in that way - as opposed to my phone. I think what you are witnessing is a real shift in the way moments are capture and perhaps shared. Brands have been showing us that this is possible (the commercial of the kid at the music recital playing the tuba)...perhaps adoption is increasing. What I really look forward to is your observations as your children become digital: first cell phone, parenting by text, will you text your kids in school even though it is "illegal." Best, John

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