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The ins and outs of the TPP

Oct 6, 2015
Who's in? Who's out? And what's next in the multi-year saga of this massive trade deal
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Why China won't be joining the TPP...for now

Oct 6, 2015
Does China have a place in the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
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The tough road from Bhutan refugee camp to the US

Oct 5, 2015
Many of the refugees have never worked and have had little to no education.
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Compromises over drug deals proved to be one of the hardest components of coming to an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In the end, the real hurdle to a TPP deal was drugs

Oct 5, 2015
Talks came down to a fight between intellectual property and access to medicine.
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A few dozen protestors gather outside the Atlanta hotel where negotiators are trying the finalize the Transpacific Partnership.

The TPP is still in the works, but not for long

Oct 2, 2015
Negotiations, now in Atlanta, may be in the final hours.
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How can Russia afford these airstrikes in Syria?

Oct 1, 2015
They won't break the bank, but boots on the ground might.
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Mexico's auction of new areas for oil drilling succeeds

Oct 1, 2015
Mexico badly needs to increase oil production to support the government and economy.
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The town square of Chongli, which will host the alpine events at the 2022 Olympics. Since the announcement that China would host the 2022 Games, the town, population 120,000, has been flooded with investors who are buying up property hoping to cash in on

Olympic Village: A Chinese ski town becomes a boomtown

Sep 30, 2015
But homes and a farming village in the way will be wiped off the map to make room.
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A terminally-ill resident of the Hospice of Saint John is comforted in her bed in Lakewood, Colorado. Medicare has announced plans to reimburse doctors for end-of-life care discussions with patients.

HHS Inspector General: Medicare paying over cost

Sep 30, 2015
Report says Medicare is paying over cost for physical therapy.

Locals issue a blanket statement

Sep 29, 2015
How one Swiss town is protecting its glacier from climate change.
Posted In: global warming, climate change
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