Verizon moves toward a text-to-911 system

We all know that talking on the phone is so last year or five years ago or something. Not sure the exact time stamp on that, I’m an email man myself. Regardless, texting is the way we communicate now. But there’s no effective way to text to 911 in case of an emergency, possibly an emergency where you are in danger and speaking out loud would be prohibitive.

Now Verizon is taking a pretty big step toward making such a system a reality, partnering with a company called TeleCommunication Systems (catchy name, guys!) to build out the structure of a system to debut in 2013. The move is being praised by the FCC.
Look, safety is what’s important so this will be good if this thing can be built and it works. But it also bears noting that Verizon is in the middle of some negotiations with the FCC over its acquisition of broadcast spectrum from cable companies so some good will works to Verizon’s advantage. Also, this could be a HUGE competitive advantage: if you’re picking out a new carrier in 2013, do you go with the one that offers more ways to SAVE YOUR LIFE or one of the ones that doesn’t?

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