Twitter redesign is more Facebooky

Tweeters around the... uh... Twittersphere? are beginning to receive the rollout of the redesigned site. Many are upset, of course, as always happens with redesigns. The big change is that it puts additional material from a tweet (links, videos, photos) within the presentation of the tweet itself instead of in a bar off to the right. This makes Twitter more like Facebook and, because I’m generous and want to include it, Google+. All Things D has some more details:

The functions are tabs across the top bar in the new design: “home” — that’s the timeline of tweets, which you can click to expand; “connect,” signified by the @ sign, as in a user name; “discover,” a.k.a. emerging and relevant topics and activities, signified by a hash sign; and “me,” which are profile pages. “Discover” is actually something new — it’s a tab dedicated to links and media that Twitter has determined are globally interesting as well as personally relevant to a user’s interests. It’s a lightweight algorithmically curated news aggregator, with snippets of text from linked stories and content embedded inline.

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