Army successfully launches supersonic weapon

We heard a while ago about a DARPA test of a weapons system that would travel much faster than the speed of sound. Only wrinkle: they lost it in the ocean somewhere. Whoops. Now the US Army seems to have improved on that a little by making a weapon prototype that went five times the speed of sound AND, crucially, did not get lost. It goes 2300 miles an hour! Yikes!
From SlashGear:
The weapon was launch from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai. The vehicle is a glider like the DARPA device that is lofted into orbit and then glides to reach its target. According to the military, the weapon would be able to navigate and avoid flying over other nations on its approach to its target.
So do we get excited for a thing that travels this fast and is designed to kill people and blow stuff up? I guess. Yay?

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