Small talk: A breakup museum, Apple's pinch-and-zoom, McFlurry misconduct

A McDonald's M&M McFlurry.

The Dinner Party hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam survey the Marketplace staff about news items that didn't quite make the headlines -- perfect for your dinner party conversations this weekend.

This week: Gina Delvac talks about a new art exhibit that has the French (sans Gerard Depardieu) crying in their bordeaux; Ben Johnson chats about an Apple patent that got rejected; and Krissy Clark explains why a Welsh McDonald’s is getting a sprinkling of coal for Christmas.

Take a listen above, and share your favorite off-beat stories of the week; post a comment below or tweet us @MarketplaceAPM and @dinnerpartydnld.

About the author

Rico Gagliano is the host of Dinner Party Download.


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