Quiz: States pick up the tab for preschool

Jan 27, 2015
All but six states funded local pre-K programs in 2014-2015.

Quiz: Booming bachelors

Jan 26, 2015
Nearly a third of Americans older than 24 have at least a bachelor’s degree, up from 28 percent a decade ago.

Quiz: New majority in public-school classrooms

Jan 23, 2015
More than half of children in public schools come from low-income families.

Quiz: Not as ready as they think they are

Jan 22, 2015
Employers say recent college grads overestimate how prepared they are for jobs, according to a survey.
Participants compete behind their computers during the ethical hacking contest Insomni'hack 2014 in Geneva.

Quiz: Extracurricular coding

Jan 21, 2015
Computer programming contests have become so popular on college campuses that an international organization formed to host events.

Quiz: Schools where the underprivileged are few

Jan 20, 2015
After being publicly ridiculed, this college says it will double its share of low-income undergrads.
Students study at Massasoit Community College.

Can community colleges cope with being free?

Jan 20, 2015
Schools could be overwhelmed by the President's plan to make tuition free.
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Ohio State faces off against Oregon during the college national championship game in Arlington, Texas.

Quiz: National champs on the field and in the classroom?

Jan 16, 2015
Ohio State won first college football playoff, but its graduation rate lags behind its other sports programs.
President Barack Obama speaks on new proposals for higher education accessibility at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee on Jan. 9, 2015.

Quiz: Who needs original ideas?

Jan 15, 2015
President Obama made a splash with a proposal for free community college. But he isn’t the first.
President Obama delivers a speech Monday at the Federal Trade Commission offices on his plans to strengthen cyber security.

Quiz: Passing on a pledge of allegiance

Jan 14, 2015
President Obama endorsed student data-privacy pledge and proposed data protections during a speech at the Federal Trade Commission.
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