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Quiz: Students at the bar haven’t bounced back

Dec 24, 2014
Law school enrollment declined again in 2014.

Quiz: How colleges break your heart

Dec 23, 2014
Another private university sent acceptance emails to rejected students.
AILA, or Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android, shown during a 2013 demonstration at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Quiz: If computers are smart now, just wait

Dec 22, 2014
Stanford University launches a long-term study of artificial intelligence.

Concept for federal college-ratings system is unveiled

Dec 19, 2014
Creating a sort of Consumer Reports for higher education is a "supremely challenging task."
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How to parent in the digital age

Dec 19, 2014
Bill Ratner on his kids, his career and how to create boundaries with technology when parenting.
Posted In: Bill Ratner, parenting, technology

Quiz: Hiding that standardized test behind a cute acronym

Dec 19, 2014
Getting grilled sounds better with a name like PAWS

Quiz: The art of the academic turnaround

Dec 18, 2014
Low-performing schools weigh in on how they try to improve.
Graduating Harvard University Law School students wave gavels in celebration of commencement ceremonies in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Why law school enrollment is way down

Dec 17, 2014
Technology helps create a tight job market for young lawyers.
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Quiz: Who hits the books hardest?

Dec 17, 2014
American students spend six hours a week, on average, doing homework.
University of Colorado Boulder has 30,000  students and is northwest of Denver. Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use for adults in 2012 but the campus still bans its use.

A different kind of higher education

Dec 16, 2014
A Colorado college wrestles with promoting sober academics while surrounded by marijuana.
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