New tools to calculate the real cost of college

Oct 20, 2011
The sticker price keeps some students from applying to certain universities. But by Oct. 29, colleges will be required to post calculators on their websites that provide a better idea of what students will pay.

Pearson launches free college software

Oct 13, 2011
Textbook publisher shakes up the information management business.

College on the cheap

Oct 5, 2011
Texas launches a challenge to create a $10,000 college degree.

Colleges should reap from the successes of its graduates

Sep 9, 2011
A personal finance writer says that college is still worth it -- but only if colleges literally invest in their students' success.

Rebuilding schools could be one big job creator

Sep 6, 2011
As the unemployed and employed alike await world from President Obama on Thursday about how he plans to create jobs, some see a promising answer in the construction and refurbishing of our nation's schools.

USC launches largest fundraising campaign in higher education

Aug 30, 2011
The private university in Los Angeles wants to raise $6 billion in the next seven years. Will it work in this economy?

Making professors more productive

Aug 25, 2011
The University of Texas has a plan to get more out of its faculty

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Study: College does pay off

Aug 5, 2011
A new report from Georgetown finds college graduates make 84 percent more money than high school graduates. Other factors, like race, can matter too

Public schools pass costs onto parents

Aug 1, 2011
A Texas school will charge students for riding the bus. It's another result of the budget crises most states find themselves in.

Deficit-reduction plan could bring cuts to college financial aid

Jul 25, 2011
The government makes a profit off of student loans, but some say government aid helps to push college tuition higher.