Will new Heinz ketchup formula have you seeing red?

This summer, while you pour some Heinz ketchup over your fries, you might find that it tastes a little funny.

Pittsburgh-based Heinz is changing its ketchup recipe by using less salt to create a healthier condiment.

Company officials say the new recipe cuts 15 percent of sodium, and is the first significant change of the ketchup formula in nearly 40 years. But, officials assure ketchup fans that the new recipe has been thoroughly taste tested.

Recently, the Institute of Medicine recommended that the FDA force a gradual cutback in how much salt is allowed to be processed in foods.

Dr. Benjamin Jones, a flavor chemist at David Michael & Co., said in an interview with Kai Ryssdal that salt reduction is something we'd get used to.

Slowly reduce the salt, just bring it down a little bit at the time. And for the most part people will most likely not notice. This kind of thing was done in Britain several years ago with a great deal of success... We don't start off our lives wanting a lot of salt. We learn to want a lot of salt because of what we eat. If we slowly reduce it, for most people it's not going to be an issue.

Do you think consumers till take to less salty ketchup?

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I would like to see the FDA madate LESS SUGAR in all products! Everything has sugar too. And seriously, why would a vegetable product need sugar? I bought a can of diced tomatoes recently, the second ingredient is sugar. This is another huge problem in America's health battle.

If Heinz really was concerned about making their product more healthy...they'd stop using that High Fructose Corn Syrup in ALL their products...instead of only the Organic Heinz, which we have to pay more money for.

Saw an ad for Hunt's ketchup in the paper that touted no high fructose corn syrup. I don't know what type of sugar they subbed (it couldn't be worse), or whether Heinz and others use hfcs.

Here's a novel approach - people take responsibility for themselves and not rely on the government to regulate or food companies to make healthier versions of their products. Several years ago I decided to eliminated the salt shaker from my household. After that I eliminated high sodium food products like ketchup. If you want to eat more healthy, read the labels, make your choices. Better yet, eat more fresh vegggies and fruits and don't waste your money on condiments.

I have been using Heinz's "No-Salt added" variety that's been available for years...and I'm here to tell you personally "I LOVE IT."

It not only tastes better, as the FDA says it is healthier for you.

When my wife & I made the switch to "No-Salt" products after they first started appearing on the shelves, it only took us about a week to adjust to the taste...Food really does taste better. Believe it...just try it...thanks for airing such important matters to us all.

It’s ironic and frightening that the FDA is more concerned with salt which has been used in foods for thousands of years and shows almost no concern about the host of odd soundly and most likely considerably more dangerous than salt in the long run chemicals that are omnipresent in virtually product on the supermarket’s shelf and the restaurant’s menu.
Potassium Bromate, Diacetyl, Polydimethylsiloxane, Butylated Hydroxyanisol, and Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene… Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

I will still had it to my vodka bloody mary's in the morning. Rock on Hienz!!

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