The first step to merger: Buying domain names?

A US Airways flight taxies after landing at the Regan National airport in Arlington, Virginia, on February 8, 2010.

United and Continental Airlines have completed their merger.

Many who follow the airline industry say the next airline merger could be between US Airways and American Airlines. Back in November, American filed for bankruptcy.

In fact, US Airways has hired on merger advisers -- and one thing they did early on was buy up Internet domain names, like American-USAirways.com.

In today's Mid day Extra, we ask what a company, like US Airways, has to do in preparing for a merger.

Here to talk with us is Lou Whiteman, senior writer at The Deal. While it may not be a very common move, the decision to snap up domain names could be the best way for US Airways to get noticed in a (potentially) competitive market to combine with American Airlines.


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I would like to see AA remain independent, and probably the best partner for them to work with is US Airways (not merge, not sell/buy; but work with).

US Airways is already having a hard time integrating itself (the former America West) with the Old US Airways, adding AA into the mix would compound the chaos. US is better off to move out of Star Alliance, where is it the forgotten junior sibling to the new United (and before that, third wheel with the arrival of CO), and into OneWorld where it can work to revive AA and help themselves in the process.

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