British Airways fined for price-fixing

Aug 1, 2007
British Airways has been fined for colluding with rival Virgin Atlantic to fix the price of tickets. The carriers had secretly agreed to increase their fuel surcharges by the same amount. Stephen Beard reports.
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Solving the mystery of rising oil prices

Aug 1, 2007
Oil prices were at an all-time intra-day high of almost $80 a barrel today -- shooting up from just six weeks ago, when prices were in the mid-60s. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks into why.
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Do the Hassle!

Jul 30, 2007
Long delays at London's Heathrow airport have earned it a reputation among travelers that's worrying government officials. They say it could be damaging the city's standing as a leading financial center, Stephen Beard reports.
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Too many flights, not enough pilots

Jul 24, 2007
Northwest Airlines has canceled an usually high number of flights for the second time in two months. The carrier blames bad weather, mechanical problems . . . and a shortage of pilots. Martin Moylan reports.
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Expedia hits tough market for buy-back

Jul 23, 2007
Online travel agent Expedia announced today that it will buy back significantly fewer shares than the million it wanted last month. The culprit is a tightening credit market. Amy Scott reports.
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Virgin breaks into domestic market

Jul 19, 2007
Virgin America Airlines started selling tickets today for flights out of San Francisco -- a crowded and competitive market. But some analysts say it might take off if it keeps its focus on customer service. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Airline profits delayed

Jul 18, 2007
American, Delta and Southwest release their earnings today. The airlines are expected to have had a good second quarter, but not good enough to make up for years of losses. And some say the government is partly to blame. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Quality is up at mid-priced hotels

Jul 13, 2007
Hotel chains are doing a lot more to attract your business these days. With competition heating up, they're investing in things like flatscreen TVs and MP3 players to entice you to stay. Alex Goldmark checks in.
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Beware duty-free shopping wizardry

Jul 11, 2007
Airport terminals may not be especially magical places, but watch out for witchcraft in all the airport shops, warns commentator Moira Manion. She's found clever forces at work to separate us from our money.
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Boeing's Dreamliner come true

Jul 9, 2007
The sleek, new Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its first public appearance yesterday in Everett, Washington, but the event had an international flair befitting a plane built in several countries and bound for several foreign carriers. Jason Paur reports.
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