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B of A cuts credit lines to some small businesses

Jan 3, 2012
While some banks are being encourage to lend more, pressure is also coming from regulators to crack down on riskier customers.
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B of A tightens credit to some small businesses

Jan 3, 2012
Other banks are also choosier about which businesses they lend to, and how much.
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Small businesses turn to outsourcing for growth

Jan 2, 2012
One thing we'll be hearing a lot about this election year is ways to grow the economy. Small businesses are looking for their share of the action, but could that have unintended consequences?
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Filling warehouse space in a down economy

Dec 27, 2011
Warehouses built in some parts of Arizona are unable to find the proper tenants, and are instead looking to alternative businesses to help fill their spaces.
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Small businesses on the payroll tax cut

Dec 20, 2011
As Congress continues to debate over the payroll tax cut extension, we ask small business owners about how the decision might affect them.
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Starbucks aims for job creation with new program

Nov 24, 2011
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz discusses how the coffee company is going to tackle the U.S. jobs problem by helping finance microloans to American small businesses.
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Small businesses showing support for protests

Oct 21, 2011
Some small businesses are providing food and services for local Occupy Wall Street protests. But is it fully for the cause, or just good marketing?
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Small biz lending fund is a bust

Oct 18, 2011
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner went to Capitol Hill today to defend a $30 billion program to give community banks money to lend to small business. Only $4 billion made it out the door.
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Knife maker hires amid U.S. economic woes

Sep 8, 2011
Oregon firm's workforce has grown 32% since 2008, showing that demand for products -- including overseas buyers -- is what creates jobs.
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Small business owners on front lines in tough economy

Sep 7, 2011
Why exactly do companies not want to hire these days, even if given some incentives? We talk to one small business owner who has been struggling to stay afloat in the fragile economy.
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