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The importance of small business hiring in the U.S.

Feb 16, 2012
Small business owners are slightly more upbeat about the economy than they have been recently, which sounds like good news for the job market, considering small businesses do a majority of the hiring in the country.
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'Our Black Year': One couple's challenge to shop black-owned businesses

Feb 14, 2012
Maggie and John Anderson started "The Empowering Experiment" to see if they could patronize only black-owned businesses. The results were surprising.
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Big government v. big business

Jan 19, 2012
Americans don't feel any love for either. So who do they love?
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More professionals strike out on their own

Jan 6, 2012
Economists say today's jobless rate of 8.5 percent might have been higher if it weren't for more unemployed professionals starting their own home-based businesses.
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A dream and a credit score

Jan 6, 2012
''m curious about safe ways to establish credit. I have ambitions to run my own cafe and coffee roastery one day. Having a good credit history is going to be key. But, I hate the idea of spending money that I don't have and keeping track of interest rates. Are there any cards or plans I should look into, with this in mind? Charlie, Philadelphia, PA
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B of A cuts credit lines to some small businesses

Jan 3, 2012
While some banks are being encourage to lend more, pressure is also coming from regulators to crack down on riskier customers.
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B of A tightens credit to some small businesses

Jan 3, 2012
Other banks are also choosier about which businesses they lend to, and how much.
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Small businesses turn to outsourcing for growth

Jan 2, 2012
One thing we'll be hearing a lot about this election year is ways to grow the economy. Small businesses are looking for their share of the action, but could that have unintended consequences?
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Filling warehouse space in a down economy

Dec 27, 2011
Warehouses built in some parts of Arizona are unable to find the proper tenants, and are instead looking to alternative businesses to help fill their spaces.
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Small businesses on the payroll tax cut

Dec 20, 2011
As Congress continues to debate over the payroll tax cut extension, we ask small business owners about how the decision might affect them.
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