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Target date funds

Oct 28, 2011
Question: I always hear you guys say to diversify your retirement funds. It makes sense and I'm on board with that. However does putting all your...
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Self-directed IRAs: Caveat Emptor

Oct 27, 2011
I've noticed an increase in pitches from folks promoting the financial benefits of self-directed IRAs. It's an IRA held by a trustee or custodian...
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A reasonable fund fee

Oct 20, 2011
Question: Could you discuss what is reasonable in terms of fees and sales charges for mutual funds? My current Roth IRA provider charges a $10...
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Open IRA first--and fast

Oct 13, 2011
Question: I am 29 and I work for a family owned retail business that does not offer a retirement plan. Currently my husband does have one through...
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Saving for retirement without a 401(k)

Oct 11, 2011
Question: The company I work for has no 401k retirement plan, and has no interest in starting one. I want to save for retirement, but what are my...
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Target date funds are popular

Sep 20, 2011
One part of the investing universe is growing rapidly: target date funds....
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Retirement Heist

Sep 16, 2011
You wouldn't think defined contribution pension plans, 401(k)s, health care plans, and executive deferred compensation plans would make for a great...
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Extra savings toward retirement--or not

Sep 13, 2011
Question: Chris, I'm over 50 and as a federal employee I have the ability to contribute $5000 more each year (to "catch up" on my retirement...
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Saving in our 60s and 70s

Sep 2, 2011
Question: My husband is retired (age 62) and he is getting soc. sec. We have no retirement savings. This year we began saving $1,500 a month which...
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Financial security for parents

Aug 5, 2011
Question: I'm a loyal listener, and have been itching to ask this question about my parent's finances:...
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