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Save for Retirement?

Jul 17, 2008
Question: Chris - How much should someone save for retirement if they do not plan on retiring? I love my job and I plan on working well into my 70s...
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Old Retirement Savings Plan

Jul 16, 2008
Question: I recently changed jobs and am wondering if I should move funds from my old 401k over to my new one. For your information my previous...
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Borrowing Against 403(b)

Jul 15, 2008
Question: Most of my 403B money (Thrift Savings Plan) is in the government securities (G) fund. I have a mortgage on a commercial real estate...
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Terminal Illness and Retirement Savings

Jul 3, 2008
Question: This is in regards to a questioner on a recent program (last weekend, I think). She was terminally ill and wanted to know the...
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How Much Is Enough?

Jun 10, 2008
Question: I've yet to find a book or article that can answer this question: How do you know if you're financially okay?...
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Questions answered on air for June 7-8

Jun 7, 2008
In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about private mortgage insurance, 457s vs. 403(b)s, removing a co-signer and borrowing...
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Move Retirement Money?

Jun 4, 2008
Question: I just changed jobs so am trying to figure out what to do with the 403b account that was left behind. It is with an Insurance company ...
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Retirement Savings vs. Life Insurance

May 21, 2008
Question: I'm 56 and my wife and I together make around $80k and both contribute to our company matched 401Ks. I plan to retire at age 70. My...
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Spousal IRA

Apr 25, 2008
Question: I am a 30 yr old man with a 9 month old son and a stay at home mom to take care of. I have started contributing to a Roth IRA this year....
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A Rollover IRA

Apr 16, 2008
Question: I was recently hired for a job in the public sector, working for the state of New York. My previous job was in the private sector. My 401...
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