The economics behind a drug sentencing overhaul

Aug 12, 2013
Attorney General Eric Holder seeks to scale back the use of mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain drug-related crimes.
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The planet's most expensive prison: Guantanamo by the numbers

May 3, 2013
The Department of Defense wants to spend nearly $200 million to upgrade facilities at Guantanamo Bay. President Obama wants to shut it down for good. We take a look at the numbers behind the planet's most expensive prison.
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Philadelphia collects court debt decades later

Dec 20, 2012
Since 2010, the courts of Philadelphia have embarked on a massive debt collection from ex-offenders. It’s an attempt to collect on $1.5 billion in old fees, fines and forfeited bail owed to the criminal justice system.
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Goldman Sachs to fund $10 million city jail program

Aug 2, 2012
The program in New York City is designed to keep young men from re-offending.
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Prison alternatives more profitable for offenders

Jan 6, 2012
Alternative sentencing through special problem-solving courts is better for the job prospects and earning potential of offenders.
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Hey guess what: hackers can open all prison doors remotely

Nov 8, 2011
And really, would that be such a horrible thing? Yes. Yes it would. It would be a horrible thing....
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Increase in contraband cell phone use in prisons

Sep 7, 2011
A report released Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office shows there are more contraband cell phones in federal prisons than in 2008....
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California prisons crack down on social media

Aug 9, 2011
Yesterday California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation administrators announced that they've had enough of the whole mess. Officials are...
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Chinese prisoners forced to play video games

May 27, 2011
That's the claim that a former prisoner made to the London newspaper The Guardian. He said that prisoners were forced by prison guards to play...
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Computer programs errors released violent people from prison

May 27, 2011
Because of computer errors, prison officials in California released 450 inmates with a "high risk of violence" by mistake. These inmates were...
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