Long term care insurance

Jan 13, 2010
Question: I am a 32 year old married female. I am an only child and do not plan on having children. I am interested in purchasing LTD insurance (in...
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Life insurance

Oct 15, 2009
Question: My husband and I are considering getting life insurance. We are 30 years old and we don't have kids but would like to have them in a few...
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A whole life policy

Oct 8, 2009
Question: My wife and I are in our early 50s. We have been told that we should have a whole life policy in our investment portfolio as a...
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Health Savings Accounts

May 28, 2009
Question: I'm in the market for an HSA. Any suggestions on how to shop around and find the best provider? There are so many, it gets confusing....
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Life insurance

May 14, 2009
Question: We are both 54 years old, professionals, still working. We own our home and have no debt beyond $30,000 in a home equity loan from...
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AIG policyholder

Mar 20, 2009
Question: I'm the beneficiary on a traditional life insurance policy (i.e. the basic AIG business) on the lives of my parents who are still alive....
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For the life of me

Mar 12, 2009
Life insurance companies have been at the back of the bailout line, but their number might get called soon. The Wall Street Journal reports today...
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Credit unions

Mar 10, 2009
Question: My sister and I are having differences of opinion in investing our Father's money. He is in Assisted Living, age 93. Right now, the...
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Bankruptcy and Cobra

Mar 9, 2009
Question: We hear lots about the Stimulus Plan helping folks pay for their health insurance when they go on COBRA, but what about people who lose...
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Life insurance for a young military family

Nov 11, 2008
Question: I am the 22 year-old mother of a 6 month-old daughter. I am currently unemployed while I take classes to complete my college education...
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