Die soon, ok?

Dec 21, 2010
No, this isn't about estate taxes or the death tax.It's about investors betting when you'll die. Charming, isn't it?...
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The mortgage modification debacle

Dec 14, 2010
Marketplace Money has long followed the mortgage modification debacle. And that's a polite word for the mess....
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Time to let an insurance policy lapse

Nov 24, 2010
Question: I am 63 and retired (not my idea). Between Social Security, pension, and 4% of my 401(k), IRA, and other investments, we're at 75% of my...
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Figuring out whole life insurance

Sep 16, 2010
Question: I live with my girlfriend of 4 years. We plan on getting married and rent. Combined we have$18,000 in savings and no credit card debt......
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Young adult children and health care insurance

Aug 2, 2010
Question: I'm a widow with a 22 year old son that graduated from a UC school last June. Upon graduation my son had to find his own health...
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Credit protection

Apr 15, 2010
Question: I would like to know about the protection that is offered to keep your credit safe is worth the cost. Michael, Riverside, CA...
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Help for aging parents-in-law

Mar 10, 2010
Question: My parents in law are 89 and 90 yrs old and have $300,000 in assets. My father in law is a retired military officer but if he dies, our...
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Disability insurance

Feb 25, 2010
Question: I am currently in the process of attempting to obtain personal disability insurance and am quite frustrated with the level of customer...
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HSAs and savings

Feb 4, 2010
Question: My employer recently ended group health insurance and "helped" us find individual plans. They are also kicking in some money each month...
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Medical deduction

Jan 20, 2010
Question: Last year, I had an FSA, and was reimbursed for all sorts of medical expenses - contact lens solution, cough syrup, condoms - without a...
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