Millions of foreclosures loom

Jan 31, 2007
Mortgage payments are on the rise for homeowners who took advantage of that sub-prime loan frenzy a few years back. As many as 20 percent could lose their homes, fears commentator Robert Reich.
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Has the housing market hit bottom?

Jan 26, 2007
New-home sales were up in December, according to the Commerce Department. But 2006 was a year the home-building business would rather forget. Sales suffered the biggest drop since 1989. What's next?
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Kid-friendly homes . . . in the city

Jan 24, 2007
Some builders in New York have discovered a growing niche in the housing market: families who want the comforts of a suburban lifestyle without the commute. Lisa Napoli has the story.
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Decline of the housing boom hits home

Jan 16, 2007
Two of the country's biggest homebuilders, Centex and KB Home, gave us a sign today that the nation's housing boom may, indeed, have hit bottom. Alisa Roth reports.
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If you can't rent legally <nobr>. . .</nobr> buy

Jan 12, 2007
Cities in Texas, New Jersey, Missouri and Pennsylvania have passed laws that bar illegal immigrants from renting apartments. So, illegal immigrants are taking ownership of the problem. Joy Diaz reports.
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Globally, U.S. housing market hits home

Jan 10, 2007
What happens in the U.S. housing market could have a global effect, according to a United Nations report. Alisa Roth has more.
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Buying in a soft market

Jan 1, 2007
According to some real estate experts, there's no better time than now to purchase a home. But a soft market doesn't necessarily make it a comfy one, as Janet Babin reports.
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Housing bubble had a slow leak in 2006

Dec 27, 2006
Is the decline of the housing market the leading edge of an economic downturn? Host Bob Moon and Marketplace's Tess Vigeland look at the conflicting indicators tied to this year's slowing home sales.
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New home sales caveat

Dec 27, 2006
November's new home sales numbers are due out today. They're expected to be up slightly, but that might not mean much. Rico Gagliano explains.
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Housing market past, present and future

Dec 26, 2006
2006 was a sea change year for housing in the U.S. As interest rates rose, we watched demand flatten and the advantage turn from sellers to buyers &mdash; so what does 2007 hold?
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