What fed the subprime lending spree?

Mar 13, 2007
Some experts are pointing to a securitization equation: No consequences for loan originators + investors bundling risky loans = a menu ripe for subprime abuse.
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Will New Century's fall make waves?

Mar 12, 2007
Subprime lender New Century moved a step closer to bankruptcy as its lenders called in their loans. Track the falling dominos and it might push the whole economy lower, too. Hillary Wicai reports.
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A sub-prime epidemic

Mar 12, 2007
The nation's largest independent sub-prime lender may be the latest victim of the housing slowdown. New Century Financial says the banks that keep its money flowing are cutting the lifelines.
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Another subprime lender in trouble

Mar 9, 2007
Analysts are speculating that New Century Financial could be another casualty in the subprime mortgage market. How did the industry get in such a mess? Steve Tripoli reports it was step by reality-ignoring step.
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New attack on predatory lending

Mar 6, 2007
Sub-prime lenders are suffering double-digit drops on Wall Street. Consumer advocates say it's the fallout of shady lending practices, and today they launched a national campaign to address the problem.
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U.S. housing a drag on U.K. bank

Mar 5, 2007
HSBC, the U.K.'s largest bank, managed to post a 5 percent second-half profit in spite of $11 billion in losses due to sub-prime loans gone bad in the States.
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Not the happiest place on Earth

Feb 27, 2007
Disneyland is suing its hometown of Anaheim, Calif. The park wants to make sure no new housing goes up within two miles of its front door. Pat Loeb reports.
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Off-campus real estate still booming

Feb 27, 2007
Even as the housing market continues its slide, depleted university budgets and an upward trend in student enrollment have built a profitable little investment pocket in some college towns.
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Les Rosbifs

Feb 26, 2007
Eleanor Beardsley checks in with a story about creative French realtors who have figured out a new way to lure Brits across the Channel.
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Housing hasn't hit bottom yet

Feb 22, 2007
Economics correspondent Chris Farrell says low long-term interest rates are propping up the housing market — for now. But when rates ratchet up, the market still has plenty of room to fall.
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