How did we get here?

Aug 10, 2007
With markets and investors in something of a state of panic, we turn to industry insiders King Penniman and Bill O'Grady to explain what's happening and who's ultimately responsible for this mess.
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Bush not pumped about gas tax

Aug 9, 2007
At a news conference, President Bush made it clear what he thinks of a higher gas tax to fix the nation's infrastructure. He also fielded a larger-than-usual array of questions about the state of the U.S. economy.
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Betting against subprime lenders

Aug 9, 2007
Some people have been "shorting" the companies that created and financed the subprime mortgage debacle. Steve Tripoli has been asking whether there's still time for a profitable bet against the architects of subprime.
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Bear hit raises fears of debt crisis

Aug 3, 2007
Wall Street is hoping the subprime mortgage crisis won't spread. But Bear Sterns' debt rating got downrated today, and some economists aren't sure the problem has been contained. Steve Henn reports.
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A foreclosure storm on the horizon?

Aug 3, 2007
The announcement that American Home Mortgage will drastically cut operations and lay off 7,000 may be just the beginning of a crisis in the U.S. lending market. Steve Henn reports on how deep the problem goes.
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Peace propels property values in N. Ireland

Aug 2, 2007
After decades of violence, Northern Ireland's Catholic and Protestant parties finally signed a peace deal in 1998. The changes since haven't been just political. The region is also experiencing an unprecedented housing boom. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Florida beginning to insure itself

Aug 1, 2007
Florida was already in the middle of its most intense hurricane season when Katrina hit. When private insurers backed away from the state's market, government-backed insurance stepped in. Dan Grech reports.
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Recession on the horizon?

Jul 31, 2007
As credit tightens in the wake of the subprime lending crisis, some analysts warn that it could impact lending in other areas. And that's one more risk factor on the recession pile. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Credit market ills go beyond subprime

Jul 30, 2007
American Home Mortgage was the latest victim of a smarting subprime mortgage market. And as Amy Scott reports, the company doesn't even make subprime loans.
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A microcosm of the subprime meltdown

Jul 25, 2007
One working-class neighborhood in Cleveland saw 400 foreclosures last year. But critics say the home lending crisis is only now making headlines because it's shaking up Wall Street. Steve Henn reports.
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