Come travel through time to ARM future

Oct 11, 2007
Over the next year or so millions of adjustable rate mortgages will recalibrate to higher interest rates. We asked Steve Tripoli to climb into the Marketplace time machine with the dials set for, say, next August and give us tomorrow's news today.
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Fox takes aim at "anti-biz" CNBC

Oct 11, 2007
Fox News positioned itself as the cable news antidote to the "liberal" CNN. Now it's trying to work that same magic against CNBC with a new business news channel. Media critic Tim Rutten talks about Roger Ailes' next big move.
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Bigger houses mean deeper debt

Oct 11, 2007
Commentator Karrie Jacobs says that when it comes to the crisis in the U.S. mortgage industry, the changing tastes of modern homeowners may be part of the problem.
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Feds plan help for subprime homebuyers

Oct 10, 2007
The federal government is going to team with credit counselors and the mortgage industry to see what can be done to help borrowers avoid foreclosure. It's not all altruism. Steve Henn reports.
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Follow the rebounding CLO

Oct 5, 2007
There are some signs the credit squeeze might be starting to turn around. Deutsche Bank says the market for a type of security known as CLOs appears to be on the rebound. What's a CLO and why should you care? Amy Scott explains.
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Polishing a tarnished, subprime image

Oct 3, 2007
Countrywide, the nation's biggest mortgage company, is gearing up for a major public relations campaign to improve its subprime-debacle image. Steve Tripoli reports that Countrywide needs to be careful how it deploys the PR playbook.
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Setting a stage to feel 'at home'

Sep 29, 2007
Have a home that just won't sell? One reason might be the soft market, or you're asking too much money for it . . . or you could just be a slob. If that's the case, you could do what Curt Nickisch did and hire a professional home stager.
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Greenspan: '50-50' chance of recession

Sep 28, 2007
Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan was famous for his hard-to-read comments on the economy -- but now that he's retired, he's warning that the U.S. economy could be headed for a slowdown. Stephen Beard reports on what European economists are predicting.
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Marketplace Money Mailbag

Sep 28, 2007
This week, Chris Farrell covers how a career military officer should invest a big bonus, paying off a jumbo home loan, and what's the real story behind a good credit score?
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Bracing for a housing ripple effect

Sep 27, 2007
Sales of new homes has hit a seven-year low, and home builders are obviously feeling the squeeze. But that's not the only industry that's going to feel the effects of what started with the meltdown in the subprime home loan market. Alisa Roth reports.
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