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On pins and needles for the next words from the Fed

Sep 15, 2014
Fed watchers are obsessed with two words right now: “considerable time.”
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PODCAST: Isaac hits New Orleans, farmers see near record profits

Aug 29, 2012
Despite, or perhaps because of, the historic drought in the Midwest, farmers are making big profits. Isaac shuts down Louisiana's ports. And all those smartphones come with a cost: more than ever, we're tethered to our jobs.
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Will the super committee reach a deal?

Nov 17, 2011
Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains why the super committee might not reach a deal by its deadline.
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Mid-day Extra: Jonathan Zittrain on Fed's plan to monitor Twitter, blogs

Oct 13, 2011
The Federal Reserve has a new plan to understand the public's perception -- following blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.
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Ben Bernanke on the grill again

Oct 4, 2011
The Fed chairman heads to Capitol Hill to explain his policies. If Bernanke's mandate were only to control inflation, and not unemployment, he might act differently.
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Is the Federal Reserve losing its influence?

Sep 27, 2011
Has the Fed changed since Alan Greenspan's reign, or are there just more problems now?
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Fed's Operation Twist nothing to shout about

Sep 23, 2011
The Federal Reserve announced that it would lower long-term interest rates to try to encourage consumer spending. But the plan may have limited impact on the economy.
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'Operation Twist' missing the mark on intended effect

Sep 22, 2011
Just a few hours into its life, "Operation Twist" is holding little water in global markets. We talk to Diane Swonk about why it's having the opposite of intended effect.
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The Fed does the 'Twist' and no one decides to dance

Sep 22, 2011
The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it will implement a plan to lower interest rates and make bond-buying less attractive.
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GOP letter to the Fed: A slippery slope

Sep 21, 2011
GOP lawmakers sent a letter to the Federal Reserve urging Chairman Ben Bernanke to take no new monetary action. The Peterson Institute's Joseph Gagnon discusses the impact that letter may have.
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