California prisons crack down on social media

Aug 9, 2011
Yesterday California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation administrators announced that they've had enough of the whole mess. Officials are...
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Grab a shaker of salt, there's a new study on whether Facebook is good or bad.

Aug 9, 2011
These come around all the time, telling us that Big Face is wonderful or terrible. The latest has a little bit of both. It's from Dr. Larry D....
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Facebook spammer turns himself in. Like!

Aug 8, 2011
This is the guy who allegedly hacked into 500,000 Facebook accounts. Sanford Wallace surrendered to the FBI in California. He developed a program...
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Germany asks Facebook to back off

Aug 4, 2011
A German regulator has asked Facebook to disable its photo tagging software, warning it could violate European privacy laws. The New York Times...
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Another way to waste time on Facebook

Aug 3, 2011
Scrabble knock-off Words with Friends is coming to Facebook today. Words with Friends is made by Zynga, the company behind Farmville, CityVille, ...
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Teachers and students shall not be friends--at least on Facebook, in Missouri.

Aug 1, 2011
In an effort to protect kids from predatory teachers, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon just signed a bill that'll outlaw social networking between...
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No anonymity on social networks! Why the hell not?!

Jul 26, 2011
Over the weekend Google+ let loose a tempest in its shiny new teapot when the company expelled folks using fake names on the social network. By all...
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Google+ has 20 million users

Jul 22, 2011
We had heard estimates that G+ (those of us really in the know call it G+, also those of us who are lazy and don't like to type much) would hit 20...
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G+ on the iPhone

Jul 20, 2011
Google+ is now available as an app on the iPhone. It had already been around for Android but it's a little surprising that Apple and Google got it...
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Anonymous says its starting its own social network

Jul 18, 2011
Well, good luck with that. AnonPlus will, we are told, be a rival to Google+ and Facebook but without any censorship and without any need to reveal...
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