Should Greece stay in the eurozone?

Feb 16, 2012
The future of Greece hangs in the balance as it is still uncertain whether they will be able to dig themselves out of their debt hole -- with a lot of help from the rest of Europe.
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Greek debt: Playing the blame game

Feb 15, 2012
A meeting on the Greek bailout has been delayed. Eurozone leaders want more assurances from Greek leaders that they'll make the spending cuts they've promised. The news has triggered more frustration in Athens.
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Greek debt meeting moved to conference call

Feb 15, 2012
A big meeting today in Europe that was supposed to continue talks on the Greek debt crisis has been delayed until next week. Now, leaders will join in a conference call to discuss the problem.
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Germans reacting to protests in Greece

Feb 14, 2012
Greece today is trying to find another few hundred million dollars worth of budget cuts. Meanwhile, the rating agency Moody's has downgraded the credit ratings of six European countries, which is likely to make matters worse.
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Former head of PIP arrested for faulty implants

Jan 26, 2012
The former head of the company PIP has been arrested for creating breast implants out of non-medical grade silicone.
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French authorities investigate dangerous implants

Jan 26, 2012
France, where today authorities arrested the founder of a company that sold faulty breast implants to women all over the world.
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Monti's next move, and an assessment of Greece

Jan 17, 2012
Our foreign editor John Buckley's take on the S&P downgrade, European debt crisis and Italy's problem down-under.
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Regulators try to block NYSE, Deutsche Boerse merger

Jan 11, 2012
European officials are reportedly on the verge of blocking a deal to create the world's biggest stock exchange.
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Europe likely to impose oil sanctions on Iran

Jan 5, 2012
European officials are meeting in Brussels today to discuss an oil embargo against Iran in reaction to the country's nuclear program.
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Market tug of war: The U.S. v. Europe

Jan 4, 2012
Some early concerns about tight European credit markets making it expensive for European banks to raise capital dragged the markets down in the early hours. That was countered a bit by some more trickles of good news about the U.S. economy.
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