Working for the chain gang

Dec 19, 2006
Franchises rake in $1 trillion in retail spending a year. One out of 16 Americans works in one. Franchise owners get name recognition and marketing clout from the home office. And that's not all. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Seems everybody's a buyout target

Dec 18, 2006
A new wave of merger and acquisition announcements has been going on for months now, from biotech firms to auto parts makers. Steve Tripoli reports the shopping spree might go right past Christmas.
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Tribe members venture into business world

Dec 4, 2006
More and more Native Americans are choosing entrepreneurship as a path out of poverty — and casinos aren't part of the mix, Steve Tripoli reports.
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Forget the card, send a ball

Nov 27, 2006
Two sisters in Chicago have come up with a novel alternative to the greeting card. Sean Cole has the story.
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It's gourmet baby

Nov 23, 2006
These days parents are shelling out more than $3 a jar for pesto pasta, quinoa and other gourmet fare for baby. Lisa Napoli takes a look at the growing business.
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The Great Plains revival

Nov 21, 2006
The Great Plains are coming back from decades of farm crisis. In fact, the latest economic numbers in "Flyover Country" might even give the coasts a case of envy. Steve Tripoli reports.
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VCs push for more skilled immigrants

Nov 15, 2006
Startup companies founded by immigrants have helped entrepreneurship flourish in America, a new study finds. But the venture capitalists who funded it have their own agenda, Steve Tripoli reports.
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Microvending in Kenya

Nov 13, 2006
Kitty Felde hits the streets of Nairobi with a new breed of entrepreneur that gives fresh meaning to the phrase less is more.
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Growing healthy entrepreneurs

Nov 6, 2006
Most successful entrepreneurs weren't able to do it by themselves. Steve Tripoli has the story of one "entrepreneurial ecosystem" that helped spawn a trail-blazing computer simulation company.
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Day of the Dead profits to be made

Nov 2, 2006
Today is the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. It's is growing in popularity in the U.S. and that's sparking a brisk retail trade on the Internet. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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