Nuts & Bolts: Accidental boss

Jul 3, 2007
Our business-owning listeners tell us they're not always eager to jump into hiring. Becoming a boss can dilute the attractions that lead people to self-employment in the first place, but it can also enhance the experience. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Will new contract rules help small biz?

Jun 29, 2007
Small businesses are supposed to get 23% of federal government contracts. Yet, big companies have been winning some of those jobs. New rules take effect tomorrow that are intended to change that. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Nuts & Bolts: Small-time capital

Jun 26, 2007
When you're not up for venture capital but still need cash, where do you go? Steve Tripoli talks to small business-owners about how they approached the money chase... and how they'd do it differently if they could start again.
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Seminoles plan global Hard Rock reach

Jun 26, 2007
The Indian tribe bought the cafe, restaurant and hotel chain for close to $1 billion, and now has plans to take the franchise overseas to Europe, South America, China and India. Amy Scott reports.
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Let them eat sheet cake

Jun 22, 2007
Susan Lobsinger has been baking wedding cakes for 30 years. But now she's also renting them. She talked with Tess Vigeland about what appears to be her tiered recipe for success.
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Nuts & Bolts: Pulling the plug

Jun 19, 2007
Business isn't going so well, but how do you know when to cut your losses? It's a difficult decision, and the serial entrepreneurs among our listeners have some smart advice for the first-timers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Program gives workers seeds for success

Jun 13, 2007
Farm workers usually start and end their careers in the same kind of job. Doing back-breaking work for someone else. A training program in Salinas, Calif., is trying to change that. Rachael McDonald reports.
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FTC not Wild about Whole merger thing

Jun 6, 2007
A potential merger of the two top "natural" foods chains triggers anti-trust concerns, but they argue that traditional supermarkets are offering the same organic options. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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P-Rade brings in the bucks for Princeton

Jun 1, 2007
It's the season for college reunions, and at Princeton, that means lots of alum money. The elite school boasts the highest alumni giving rate of any university in the country. Amy Scott reports.
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Ticket scalping: markets vs. mark-ups

Jun 1, 2007
In New York, the shady practice of scalping tickets may get a little sunshine. The governor is poised to make the practice legal, after a fashion. But is it fair to let the market decide a price?
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