A new kind of call to prayer

Mar 19, 2008
Israeli high-tech expert Avshalom Neumann was inspired to set up a business after he saw a religious pilgrim call home from Jerusalem's Wailing Wall. Orly Halpern has more on his call-in prayer service.
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Your work day could use a nap

Mar 18, 2008
Business traveler Nicolas Ranco was willing to try anything to relax and fall asleep. He found it on a trip to Japan and decided to bring the idea of accessible midday naps to the sleepless in New York City. Jaime Bedrin has more.
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Egyptian start-ups battle red tape

Mar 6, 2008
Egyptian entrepreneurs have many hurdles ahead of them to start a business, from finding money to surviving a gauntlet of paperwork. Amy Scott talks to young business owners in Egypt to hear more about their struggle.
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Atlantic City doubles down on casinos

Mar 4, 2008
In spite of a slowing economy, Atlantic City plans to spend almost $10 billion on a new wave of casino projects. The city is betting on a new demographic of gamblers to spruce up the local economy. Joel Rose reports.
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Un-conferencing: Leveraging face time

Feb 29, 2008
Silicon Valley is known for innovation and its sometimes unorthodox working environments. But a new trend has baffled correspondent Cash Peters: When is a conference not a conference? Apparently, when no one's in charge...
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Jack Daniel's master distiller retires

Feb 27, 2008
After 40 years with the company, Jimmy Bedford is retiring from his position as the master distiller for Jack Daniel's. Kai Ryssdal talks with him about how he helped make the signature whiskey.
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Bigger isn't always better for business

Feb 25, 2008
Commentator Charles Handy says American businesses' desire to keep getting bigger leads to bureaucracy over humanity. Instead, he says, companies should strive to do more with less. (One in a series.)
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Turning space into Virgin territory

Feb 21, 2008
Sir Richard Branson's space carrier, Virgin Galactic, is scheduled to launch in two years. But Branson is already planning to add five more spaceships to his fleet. Alisa Roth has more on this frontier.
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Take control of your nutrition bar

Feb 19, 2008
Anthony Flynn was fed up with nutrition bars with ingredients that weren't very nutritious, so he decided to let people have the option of customizing their own. Lisa Napoli reports on his fast-growing business.
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Virtual real estate booming

Feb 13, 2008
A boom in virtual real estate has caused generic domain names like Vodka.com to be worth millions of dollars. Even private equity firms have been injecting money into domain name companies. Lisa Napoli reports on what caused the growth and how long it could last.
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