History of business presents . . .

Jan 26, 2007
Acclaimed director and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock released his first film 80 years ago this week. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the history.
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Illinois takes a chance on selling its lottery

Jan 23, 2007
Illinois is trying to sell its lottery to private investors. Critics say the state is gambling with its future. Amy Scott reports.
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Reality TV show sparks international furor

Jan 19, 2007
An incident on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother reality show has caused a wave of political and economic repercussions stretching all the way to India. Stephen Beard has details.
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Dr. Frankenstein, meet Julia Child

Jan 18, 2007
A new cooking trend called "molecular gastronomy" may sound unappetizing, but it's given rise to some of the world's top restaurants. Jerome Socolovsky gives us a taste from the Madrid Fusion Food Summit.
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Video gamers go pro

Jan 18, 2007
Electronic games have gotten so serious that the best players are actually getting paid to compete. Business-of-sports analyst Ed Derse talks with Kai Ryssdal about the new professionals.
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Feature-length business starts in Utah

Jan 17, 2007
Actors, directors, marketers and sales people are converging on the Sundance Film Festival — along with thousands of others. Film festival consultant Mitch Levine talks about the event with Kai Ryssdal.
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Netflix delivers to your PC

Jan 16, 2007
No need to wait for the mail to get the next DVD on your queue. Netflix will soon begin offering film downloads online — but there are limits to the new service. Nancy Marshall Genzer has details.
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Going through channels

Jan 15, 2007
The nation's cable-TV operators are scrambling to meet new rules aimed at creating competition in the market for set-top decoder boxes. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Do Golden Globes equal box office cash?

Jan 15, 2007
The Golden Globe Awards show will put the winning films back in the spotlight tonight, but will more movie ticket sales come with those shiny statuettes? Lisa Napoli reports.
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Marketing for the gold

Jan 12, 2007
Golden Globe and Academy Awards hopefuls are pouring more cash into advertising their films down the homestretch. Does the strategy work? Daily Variety's Mike Speier says yes.
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