Latest 'Call of Duty' could be most lucrative video game ever

Nov 8, 2011
The eighth iteration of the popular video game is already one of the highest grossing entertainment franchises of all time.
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Berlusconi's album release delayed

Nov 4, 2011
The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has recorded an album, but the release date is delayed due to the ongoing economic crisis in Europe.
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All pledge all the time

Nov 1, 2011
Public television introduces a cable station that airs nothing but pledge drives.
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Redbox raises prices on its DVDs

Oct 31, 2011
The kiosk DVD-rental company gained when Netflix raised prices. Will it now face the same backlash?
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In a world where time is literally money

Oct 28, 2011
Director Andrew Niccol discusses the premise of his new film, "In Time," where time becomes a literal commodity: the currency of life.
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Cable losing subscribers

Oct 27, 2011
Time Warner Cable has been shedding tens of thousands of subscribers every month. Are tight household budgets putting the squeeze on cable?
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Mid-day Extra: What happened to Nintendo?

Oct 27, 2011
Nintendo is predicting that it will take a loss for the first time in thirty years. What went wrong?
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Mid-day Extra: Greek myths and metaphors

Oct 26, 2011
Can ancient Greek mythology be helpful in explaining the current economic state in Europe?
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TV jobs in Hollywood are dwindling

Oct 21, 2011
A record number of pilots were filmed last year, but Hollywood is still suffering from a lack of jobs. Why?
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Music sales still strong for holiday albums

Oct 18, 2011
The one bright spot for the music industry continues to be the holiday album, which make for good tangible gifts and boost visibility for artists.
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