Making money in, and around, Iraq

Oct 26, 2004
Today, Iraqi kidnappers released a Jordanian businessman. But not until they got what they asked for: a ransom of $150,000 dollars. Also today, a truck driver from Croatia was reported missing after his convoy was attacked. And bombs went off in two Iraqi cities. This is business as usual in Iraq at the moment, and it is hard to make money. But despite the chaos, many wealthy Iraqis are still striking profitable deals. Their secret? Setting up shop somewhere else. Marketplace's Middle East correspondent Adam Davidson has our story.
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Iraq and Money: Where does it all go?

Oct 25, 2004
An inside job. That's what investigators think it might have been as they look into the massacre of 49 Army recruits in Iraq. The security situation there is sapping reconstruction efforts. So much so, a recent survey found that although $18 billion is earmarked for rebuilding, only a quarter of the money actually makes it to Iraq. Marketplace Middle East Correspondent Adam Davidson reports. (Photo: Getty Images)
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The NBA heads east

Oct 20, 2004
It was the full court press in China over the weekend for the National Basketball Association. Hoops fans paid about $360 each to see the games. These were the first official games in China by a North American sports league. In the lineup - local superstar Yao Ming and his Houston Rockets. From Beijing our own Jocelyn Ford has a courtside review... (Photo: Getty Images)
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Pressuring Israel with holy money

Oct 19, 2004
There's a new front in the Israeli and the Palenstinian struggle. It's located in the boardroom of an American church. The Presbyterian Church USA is talking about withdrawing its investment money from companies that operate in Israel. The church opposes many of the Israeli government's policies in the West Bank and Palestine. The National Council of Churches meets tomorrow to discuss the divestiture movement with Jewish leaders. Marketplace foreign editor Karen Lowe reports.
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A vaccine for Malaria?

Oct 15, 2004
A new medical development could help save the lives of 700,000 children a year. New tests show a vaccine that GlaxoSmithKline developed over a decade ago could prevent Malaria from being life-threatening almost 60 percent of the time. Many in the pharmaceutical industry had questioned whether a malaria vaccine was technologically feasible. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports. (Photo: Getty Images)
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Rethinking Jihad

Oct 14, 2004
Ramadan begins Friday. Last year insurgents launched coordinated attacks at the outset of the Muslim holy month and the military commanders fear a repeat. So this year, U.S. and Iraqi forces have stepped up military operations. Late today there were reports of heavy airstrikes on Fallujah. After 19 months of what's often described as an insurgency, some clerics are wondering if the cost of Jihad is simply too high. Borzou Daragahi reports.
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The right to strike

Oct 13, 2004
After a month of talking, Jacques Chirac now says it he's determined to do the hitherto unthinkable...The French government will limit the right to strike by labor unions. Needless to say, the unions aren't happy. As John Laurenson reports from Paris, the French face-off hits a revolutionary chord for both sides... And it goes to the heart of national identity.
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Iraq's kidnapping boom

Aug 2, 2004
We've been hearing a lot in recent weeks about kidnappings in Baghdad. But not all of them are politically motivated. As Borzou Daragahi reports, in many cases they simply involve the need for money.
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