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SAT College Exams To Undergo Major Changes
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As consumer prices increase more than expected, we look at what’s becoming more expensive (food, rents) and why – as well as asking who this will impact the most. Plus, tomorrow the College Board will release "extensive sample items" for the newly designed SAT. The revised test obviously affects students, who will begin taking it in the spring of 2016. But how about the multi-billion dollar test prep industry? We take a look at how they’re preparing for the changes. Also, Russia’s  Finance Minister is warning that his country’s economy could see zero growth this year because of the backlash over Russia’s annexation of Crimea.  Russia has seen capital flight of $63 billion in the first 3 months of this year, as people rushed to convert rubles into other currencies. The news comes as the European Union threatens further sanctions against Russia. Then, Yahoo’s earnings look good today. The company has been on an upswing this year, in the wake of a spate of talent hires by CEO Marissa Mayer. But closer examination of Yahoo’s numbers paint a different picture. The company’s stake in Chinese IPO hopeful Alibaba is worth about  $33 billion, given the valuation placed on Alibabs right now. Yahoo’s market cap right now? $33.8 billion. Which begs the question, without Alibaba, what is Yahoo really worth?
SAT Test To Be Revamped

This is what the new SAT will look like

How is the test prep industry is preparing for the changes to the SAT?
Posted In: test-prep, college admissions, SAT

What's pulling up the Consumer Price Index

Consumer prices increased more than expected. So what’s becoming more expensive, and why?
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Delbert Bland of Bland Farms in southeast Georgia says many of his Vidalia onions are ready for harvest.

Why farmers can't wait to pick Vidalia onions

Vidalia onion grower challenges a Georgia state rule that sets April 21 as the earliest date farmers can pack onions for sale.
Posted In: Agriculture, onions
CEO of, Jack Ma

What's left of Yahoo without Alibaba

Yahoo's stake in the Chinese IPO hopeful Alibaba is worth about $33 billion, but their own market cap right now stands at $33.8 billion.

Beer: Saving a town from drought

A brewery steps in when a town's given a grave diagnosis.
Posted In: beer, California drought 2014

We're paying more to pay taxes

Inflation in the tax preparation and accounting fees category is up 5.1 percent
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Ukraine's economy, as felt on the street

"Ukraine needs help from abroad, that's what the interim government knows."
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Born to fly

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ever find it difficult to talk to your boss - or your boss's boss?

Chris Colin and Rob Baedeker, authors of "What to Talk About," have some tips.
Posted In: office behavior, humor

Digital advertisers losing the 'bot arms race'

Researchers believe that more than one third of all internet traffic is from bots
Posted In: digital ads

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