Marketplace for September 26, 2011

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Marketplace for September 26, 2011

Disaster funding runs out soon

If there's no deal in Congress to keep the federal lights on until November, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster funding goes dry by week's end.

EU backs down on airline carbon cap

In the first year, 85 percent of pollution licenses will be given away free to airlines. In 2013, freebies will be slashed to 83 percent.

Martha Stewart rejoins her company's board

The queen of all things home, imprisoned for five months for insider trading related charges, had also been barred from serving as a director.
Posted In: Retail

Will Europe's debt crisis plan work?

European correspondent Stephen Beard discusses the eurozone's plan to solve its debt crisis, who came up with it, and what to expect next.

For education reform, don't blame the teachers

Education historian and N.Y.U. professor Diane Ravitch explains why she thinks the Obama administration's take on No Child Left Behind and education reform isn't the right path for success.
Posted In: Education

Dynamic pricing goes wide

Computer programs change prices instantly online for everything from airline tickets to laptops

Dreamliner takes flight

Finally, Boeing delivers its first aircraft in more than a decade. The 787 Dreamliner is headed to Japan's All Nippon Airways.
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