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A look at why a bank run on a small European island is having so disproportionate of an effect on global markets, and on saver sentiment in other European countries. Plus, President Obama nominates Thomas E. Perez to head the Labor Department -- but what exactly does the Secretary of Labor do? And, Republican advisers have released plans to grow their party. Some high-profile conservatives say the party needs a message makeover to be competitive. How do corporate marketers view the challenge?

Anger and shock sweep Cyprus

One retired Cyprus resident shares his dismay over news that the Cypriot government could take a percentage of regular deposits in the bank.
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Cyprus bank customers asked to help bail out banks

Anyone with cash in a bank account in Cyprus could lose up to 10 percent of it, as a one off tax to help fund a bank bailout.
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When cars themselves are backseat drivers

Commentator Beth Teitell on the downsides of increasingly intelligent car technology.
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The best-selling novelist you've never heard of

Hugh Howey might be the best-selling novelist you've never heard of. His self-published book, "Wool," came out over a year ago, and has made over $1 million.
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Is rebranding the GOP like rebranding Cheerios?

Republican advisers have released a plan to grow their party. Some high-profile conservatives say the GOP needs a message-makeover to be competitive. How do corporate marketers view the challenge?
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Leggo my Legos: The Danish toys brand keeps building

The Danish toymaker Lego continues its string of successes: The company has tapped into a growing Asian middle class; it has gotten girls to decide that Legos aren't just for boys; and it's found a way to make plastic bricks tell elaborate stories.

Who needs a Labor Secretary anyway?

President Obama nominated Thomas E. Perez to head the Labor Department. So, what does a Secretary of Labor actually do?
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Want to be a flight attendant? Get in line.

These days, you have a better chance of getting into Harvard than you do of becoming a flight attendant.
Posted In: flight attendant, Delta, airline industry

FBI solves 1990 Boston art heist

The art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is considered one of history's biggest.
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