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The Obama administration announced today that it's going to stop deporting young immigrants whose parents brought them to this country illegally as children. This means hundreds of thousands of people could qualify for temporary work status. We get reaction from an undocumented young woman. Father's Day is this Sunday and you have more to thank your dad for than you probably thought -- turns out how well you do in life has a lot to do with how well your dad did. Plus, we look into the costs of raising a child. And reporter Stephen Beard wraps up his A Man Walks Into a Bar series in Greece.

Congress makes new financial disclosures

Annual disclosure forms show investments, liabilities, and other sources of income. This week's filings were the last before a broader new rule goes into effect.
Posted In: Congress, STOCK Act, full disclosure

A young, undocumented immigrant on the deportation shift

Twenty-one-year-old Reyna Wences on why she doesn't think the Obama administration's immigration announcement today goes far enough.
Posted In: illegal immigration, Immigration, DREAM Act, undocumented

Niagara Falls' high-wire stunt for the economy

Aeralist Nik Wallenda's walk across Niagara Falls is expected to bring tourism dollars to a New York town's struggling economy.
Posted In: Niagara Falls

Weekly Wrap: Greece's woes, Jamie Dimon's testimony

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: The state of Greece and the eurozone and the Jamie Dimon testimony in front of the Senate.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

The cost of raising kids

Top earners are able to spend more, boosting their children's odds for future success.
Posted In: baby, children, family, family finances

Facebook not the most disappointing IPO ever

That title would actually go to a Chinese online gaming company.
Posted In: Facebook, IPO

Dad's income a predictor of his kids'

Americans have less economic mobility across generations than those in most other rich developed countries.
Posted In: income, family, low-income families

A man walks into a bar... in Athens

The spotlight is on Greece, where elections could determine its future in the eurozone. How are Greeks feeling about their future?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Greece

Obama eases restrictions on illegal immigrants

Under a new policy, many illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children will be able stay in the country and work.
Posted In: illegal immigration, Immigration, DREAM Act, undocumented

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