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Eurozone pub crawl: How Europeans feel about the crisis

Jun 15, 2012
With economists panicking about the future of Europe, we sent reporter Stephen Beard on a five-nation pub crawl to talk to real people about the future of the eurozone.
Business student David Carraso (right) with fellow student Pierre Renauld at a bar in Paris. The young Frenchmen were very optimistic even in the light of the on-going financial doom and gloom.
Stephen Beard/Marketplace

A man walks into a bar... in Athens

Jun 15, 2012
The spotlight is on Greece, where elections could determine its future in the eurozone. How are Greeks feeling about their future?

A man walks into a bar... in Germany

Jun 14, 2012
Germany has been the paymaster during the euro crisis, shoring up its weaker neighbors. Do ordinary Germans support this role?

A man walks into a bar... in Spain

Jun 13, 2012
Patrons at a tapas bar in Madrid reflect on their country's economic woes and the multi-billion-dollar bailout that Spanish banks recently received.

A man walks into a bar... in Paris

Jun 12, 2012
Patrons of the Bar La Fusee in Paris offer their thoughts on the euro and the eurozone economic crisis.

A pub crawl across Europe

Jun 11, 2012
The assignment: visit five different bars in five different European nations and talk about the eurozone debt crisis. The results: kind of fizzy.

A man walks into a bar… in Ireland

Jun 11, 2012
Europe correspondent Stephen Beard begins a five-part series from bars in Europe. He gets the opinions of ordinary Europeans on the ongoing debt crisis, starting with the Irish.

For public good, not for profit.

What's Up, Europe? Who's the most depressed?

Jun 7, 2012
Europe correspondent Stephen Beard has embarked on a eurozone pub crawl, finding out how people in the continent's watering holes are feeling about their financial future.

Spain succeeds in bond auction despite high borrowing cost

Jun 7, 2012
Spain's government raised $2.6 billion at a bond auction this morning, but their financial crisis still looms with the banking system and government propping each other up.