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Attorney General Eric Holder wants an overhaul of mandatory minimum drug sentences. What's the economic thinking behind the proposed changes? Meanwhile, billionaire Elon Musk has revealed details of the Hyperloop, a super-fast transport system he wants to build. In Turkey, the government is trying to figure out what to do with the thousands of Syrians who have left their home nation since 2011. Also,  a look at the corn economy, bond fallout from Detroit's bankruptcy, and entrepreneurialism in the Middle East. Finally, we debut a new project called "American Futures," a collaboration with Jim Fallows, The Atlantic's national correspondent. It involves us traveling to small towns across the country. Our first stop: Holland, Mich.

AmEx's plan to lure gamers: Partner with 'League of Legends'

American Express will reveal a line of "League of Legends"-themed debit cards, in which cardholders can earn rewards points for in-game currency.
Posted In: american express, league of legends, video games, gamification

Bond fallout from Detroit bankruptcy limited so far

Detroit's bankruptcy last month has sent ripples through the $3.7-trillion municipal bond market, but so far the fallout seems limited to communities in Michigan.
Posted In: municipal bonds, Muni Bonds, Detroit, Detroit bankruptcy

Looking at small town America, from a small plane

News coverage often tends to miss out on what's going on in small town America. A new project from The Atlantic and Marketplace hopes to remedy that problem.
Posted In: rural America, Small Business

Hyperloop: From L.A. to San Francisco in just 30 minutes

Today billionaire and inventor Elon Musk released his latest plan into the world: the Hyperloop.
Posted In: Elon Musk, Hyperloop

The economics behind a drug sentencing overhaul

Attorney General Eric Holder seeks to scale back the use of mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain drug-related crimes.
Posted In: drugs, Crime, jail, prison

How the price of corn matters

Corn prices are down more than 40 percent from last year's highs.
Posted In: corn, Agriculture

The other revolution bubbling in the Middle East

Author Chris Schroeder says there's another revolution that's quietly emerging that deserves attention: growing entrepreneurship.
Posted In: middle east, Entrepreneurship, Small Business

Turkey's Syrian refugees try to adapt to their new home

About half a million Syrians have fled their country's violent conflict and settled in Turkey. Many are grateful to be taken in but also fearful about being kicked out.
Posted In: syria, turkey, refugee, refugees

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong fires employee during conference call

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong was having a conference call last week with Patch employees about shutting down sites and laying off staff, when he did something that surprised everyone.
Posted In: tim armstrong, aol, patch

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