Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday July 16, 2014

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Bike Sharing
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Recent reports claim kidney donors face insurances challenges after they donate, which might discourage potential donors in the future. We investigate. Also, we provide a preview on Bank of America earnings report and also look at how much the bank has set aside for mortgage settlements. Plus, to political candidates, e-mail is extremely important. Campaigns spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to maximize the effectiveness of those e-mails. Yeah, they want us to vote, but they also want us to give - early and often. We explore the science of the fundraising e-mail. And after, urban bike-sharing programs have exploded- there are now more than 30 in the U.S., with more in the pipeline. However, there have been growing pains, the biggest of which, users don't see: the bikes they're not riding because the biggest supplier went bankrupt six months ago. That's held back expansion in some of the biggest, most-popular programs, and stalled others in the pipeline.

Apple and IBM: from flipping the bird to partnership

Why the two rivals have decided to play nice.
Posted In: apple, IBM, merger

PODCAST: Unlikely tech friends

IBM and Apple, Bank of America's earnings report, and maximizing email effectiveness.

The challenge of funding a community college education

No access to federal student loans can imperil community college students.
Posted In: community college, federal student loans, education costs

11 email tips from campaign strategists

Or, how "Meet me for dinner?" translates into millions of dollars.
Posted In: email, campaign

Bike-sharing's big problem: missing bikes

The biggest, most-popular programs won't expand in 2014. They can't get new bikes.
Posted In: bike sharing, carbon footprint, bankruptcy

Bank of America could shell out as much as $10 billion

A look at how much Bank of America has set aside for mortgage settlements.
Posted In: mortgage crisis, Bank of America, earnings report

The secret to China's GDP growth rebound: stimulus

A stimulus package from Beijing is behind China's higher-than-expected growth.
Posted In: GDP, China

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