Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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On this last day of trading for 2013, a reminder that the stock market is by no means a measure of well-being. Case in point, Europe. And it was a year of change in China -- a new president, new policy roadmaps for the future of the country. But as Marketplace's China Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz reflected on 2013, one detail that's come up again and again is how many regular Chinese people have turned to him and other foreign journalists as their last resort for justice. Also, business consulting is about selling outside expertise. But did you know companies like Disney and MTV are also in the consulting game?

Audi and Google expected to announce Android operating system for cars

There are rumors the two companies will make an announcement at CES next week.
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PODCAST: How safe are bonds?

Stocks were on a roll this year. Does it follow that it's time to turn to bonds? Also, on Jan. 1, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act goes into effect in Illinois.

Investors wary despite stock market gains

When a 30 percent gain in the stock market is still not enough to win over individual investors.
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Europe's stock market growing, but economy waiting to improve

European stocks are set to rise, but that's not the only measure of economic growth.
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China in 2013: A last resort for justice

Marketplace's China Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz looks at China's struggles in 2013.
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How retailers will be watching you in 2014

A growing number of organizations are tracking more of your shopping habits.
Posted In: data tracking, Retail, privacy

The tech behind the New Year's Eve ball drop

The big event is more sophisticated than you think.
Posted In: New Years, New York City, LED

What Apple learned from a luxury hotel

Consulting firms bring in tens of billions of dollars a year, but it's not just other consulting firms competing for contracts. Companies you've heard of, like Disney and MTV, are in the game too.
Posted In: consulting

Can Nasdaq move past Facebook debacle in 2014?

Nasdaq will pay out a total of $41.6 million in claims related to the Facebook IPO troubles.
Posted In: NASDAQ, FB, Facebook

Illinois law limits ways police can use drones

On Jan. 1, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act goes into effect in Illinois.
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NAFTA's 20th birthday -- cause to celebrate?

Two decades after its passage, the debate continues over the trade pact among the US, Mexico and Canada.
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