Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Millions of Syrian refugees have fled into Jordan and the extra strain may be proving to be too much for a host country that is suffering from its own economic problems. The UK’s Royal Mail service may go private. And what happened to all the salespeople who sold subprime mortgages leading up to the Lehman collapse?

Jordan hosts Syrian refugees but feels the strain

Millions of Syrian refugees have fled into Jordan and the economic strain may be proving to be too much for the host country.
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Feeling less manly? Estrogen may help

A new study from the New England Journal of Medicine raises new questions about what happens to men in middle age.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, men's health, estrogen, New England Journal of Medicine, supplements

Groceries: a low margin business, but still highly desirable

Billionaire Ron Burkle just bought the Fresh and Easy chain from Tesco. Today's earnings report from Kroger affords a glimpse into the way these markets make money.
Posted In: grocery stores, Fresh & Easy, Walmart, supermarket

PODCAST: Too Big to Fail, right? So who's deciding to shrink?

Unemployment claims fell last week -- but there's a catch. And 'Too Big to Fail' became the signature line of the giant bailouts. So who's getting smaller?

Dell shareholders approve $25 billion buyout

But big questions still remain for the struggling computer technology company.
Posted In: Tech, Dell, Carl Icahn, Michael Dell

Unemployment claims fell last week -- but there's a catch

The trend is in the right direction, but the statistic won't dominate in the markets.
Posted In: unemployment claims, unemployment benefits, labor market

Israel gets raw and unfiltered data from the NSA

According to the latest document leak from Edward Snowden.
Posted In: nsa, Edward Snowden, Israel, surveillance

What was Tina Brown able to do for print journalism?

Tina Brown steps down as editor of The Daily Beast. She'll leave the magazine next year and start a new company.
Posted In: Tina Brown, The Daily Beast, media

What happened to the subprime lenders?

Many subprime employees moved into loan modification businesses.
Posted In: subprime lenders, financial crisis

The phrase that defined the financial crisis

'Too big to fail' became the signature line of the financial crisis. Five years after the crash, many big financial firms are only bigger. But one has decided it's time to shrink.
Posted In: too big to fail, General Electric, financial crisis, Lehman Brothers, AIG

Britain's snail mail for sale

The British Government plans to sell off a majority stake in the world’s oldest postal service – the Royal Mail.
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LinkedIn opens doors to younger teens

The company is lowering the entry age from 18 to 14.
Posted In: linkedin, teenagers, social network

The underground child exchange

A new investigation reveals a network of parents who are offering unwanted children to others via online message boards.
Posted In: children, adoptive parents, re-homing

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