Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, June 6, 2013

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A trade spat between China and the EU threatens the exports of solar panels and wine. As the IRS comes under fire for its expensive team building conferences, we take a look at how common these events are these days. And how far should states go to lure businesses?

IRS not alone in penchant for bashes

Expensive conferences are falling out of favor with federal agencies.
Posted In: IRS

Turkish protesters use software to shield identity

Turkey has now joined the list of countries where questions about government, religion, and yes, social media have made for large scale protests.
Posted In: turkey, social media, protest

Does the fifth amendment cover your password protected data?

When it comes to pleading the fifth, the digital age is making things complicated.
Posted In: privacy, Tech, constitutional

PODCAST: Fed dread, phone drone

Breaking down 'Fed Dread.' And catching up on the scoop of the day: Government surveillance of phone records.

The case against courting companies

Who doesn't want their government to bring in new businesses? We take a look at the ups and downs of courting companies.
Posted In: New York, South Dakota

Fed dread unsettles markets

Uncertainty over the Federal Reserve's next move is throwing investors for a loop and unsettling markets. Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial, explains what the 'Fed Dread' is all about.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, stock, Jobs, jobs report

Layoffs are down, but will hiring be up?

Overall layoffs have decreased since last year, but some industries in particular are cutting back.
Posted In: Jobs, jobs report, layoffs, Unemployment

NSA collecting millions of Verizon Business phone records: Report

The National Security Agency has reportedly been collecting phone records of not the few, but the many.
Posted In: Verizon, Obama, nsa

Want to buy a fixer-upper? Head to the Rust Belt

RealtyTrac has released its list of the top cities for fixer-upper houses. At the top of the list: Detroit and other Rust Belt cities.
Posted In: houses, buying a home, housing market

YouTube karaoke, Tajik-style

Did the government of Tajikistan ban YouTube over an embarrassing karaoke performance?
Posted In: Tech, YouTube

Trade spat between China and EU threatens exports of solar panels, wine

A day after the EU Trade Commission placed anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels, the Chinese government has launched an investigation into doing the same on EU wine exports to China.
Posted In: China, Europe, solar, wine

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