Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 4, 2013

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As Kenyans head to the polls today to elect a president, there are already reports of violence. A disputed election back in 2007 led to weeks of tribal bloodshed. Voters in Switzerland have approved a referendum to curb executive pay. The move comes less than a week after the European Union announced plans to cap banker bonuses. And the late Larry Hagman will make his final appearance as J.R. Ewing on TNT's version of the show 'Dallas' tonight.

PODCAST: Goodbye PT Cruiser, hello internship

BP's chances for settlement get narrower. Rest in peace PT Cruiser. And how important are internships when it comes to scoring your first job?

Markets reel over Italy election, China housing tax

From China's new housing tax to the sequester here in the U.S., global markets have a lot of news to digest this morning.
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Keystone pipeline gets good news: State Department report

The Obama administration is not expected to decide whether to approve the controversial Keystone pipeline until this summer, but a new report gives clues about the White House's pipeline strategy.
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Is Switzerland no longer a banking haven?

Voters in Switzerland have approved a referendum to curb executive pay. The move comes less than a week after the European Union announced plans to cap banker bonuses.
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In Kenya election, the issue in one region is oil

Oil was discovered in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya one year ago. Now local people fear they will be displaced and won't get a fair share of any future oil profits.
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A status update on women in tech

How does tech compare to other industries when it comes to female employment, equal pay, and cultural attitude?
Posted In: women, diversity, Tech

Goodbye PT Cruiser: Will anyone miss it?

One of the weirdest cars of the 21st century might be the Chrysler PT Cruiser. While the novelty car lost its popularity with drivers a few years after its release, it became a staple in rental car fleets.
Posted In: Auto, car, rental car, Chrysler

Taking smartphones out of sleepovers

How do you host a sleepover for your kids without smartphones getting in the way?
Posted In: smartphone, family tech, iPhone

Companies look to make 'big data' into safe data

At the RSA computer security conference in San Francisco last week, a key theme was not what companies can and should do with customer data, but what crooks might do with it if they hacked in.
Posted In: big data, computer security

Internships become the new job requirement

In a survey commissioned by Marketplace and The Chronicle of Higher Education, employers said they value internships more than many other credentials when it comes to hiring.
Posted In: internship, employment, higher education

What J.R.'s death means for the series 'Dallas'

The late actor Larry Hagman makes his last appearance on 'Dallas' on Monday. What does the death of a defining character mean for the series, one of the highest-profile bets by cable channel TNT.
Posted In: TNT, Dallas, cable TV

BP oil spill settlement window may be closing

As the second week of testimony begins in BP's civil trial for damages in the Gulf oil spill, a settlement is still possible. Once evidence is presented in earnest, though, lines harden and chances diminish.
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