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Julia Simon

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The renewable energy transition has companies looking out to sea

Sep 27, 2021
Nodules on the ocean floor are rich in cobalt, nickel, manganese and copper. But deep-sea mining has raised environmental concerns.
Courtesy of GSR

In decarbonizing the US, a big nuclear question

Aug 16, 2021
How much should nuclear power be part of our energy future?
A boat passes the nuclear plant on Three Mile Island as seen from Goldsboro, Pennsylvania in March 2019.
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

At some Bronx public schools, 1 in 5 students are homeless

Nov 20, 2018
NYC schools plan to spend $28 million on personnel, services for homeless students.
Social worker Carol Graham and Principal Danielle Keane at PS/MS 5 in the Bronx. With more than 700 kids from preschool through 8th grade, more than 150 are in temporary housing.
(Julia Simon/Marketplace

Egyptians turn to 'gray market' for dollars

Apr 11, 2013
A foreign currency shortage has Egyptians turning to informal dollar exchanges to keep businesses going.

In Kenya election, the issue in one region is oil

Mar 4, 2013
Oil was discovered in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya one year ago. Now local people fear they will be displaced and won't get a fair share of any future oil profits.

In Kenya, increasing interest in data mining

Feb 27, 2013
The growth of Kenya's increasingly-affluent middle class has brought a consumer explosion. Now there's mounting international interest in mining that data to improve businesses' profitability.

Egypt's army is still a force in the economy

Jan 3, 2012
Egypt's army has economic interests ranging from construction to tourism. Getting it to focus just on soldiering may not be easy.

Economy weighs on Egyptians' minds as they vote for a new parliament.

Nov 28, 2011
Many plan to vote for a the party associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose charity efforts are well known to Egypt's poor. But some worry the Brotherhood may not make the economy a priority if it's chosen to form the next government.

Egyptian economy still chugging along amid protests

Nov 28, 2011
Egyptians began voting today in the first phase of parliamentary elections. The country's economy has hit a hard patch, but not quite come to a halt.