Marketplace Morning Report for June 16, 2014

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More on the news that Russia is threatening to cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine. Plus, sales of Airbus long-haul planes have been grounded lately -- Emirates just canceled a big order of A350s, and Airbus' flagship A380 hasn't had a new order in two years. What does all of this mean for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, and soon the 777X? Also, for more than 30 years, the biomedical industry has been using horseshoe crabs to make a critical medical product. Now there’s a fight in the industry: use a synthetic alternative or a new technology that uses far less crabs?    

Amazon likely to unveil new smart phone

An Amazon smart phone might be a gateway to more shopping power
Posted In: Amazon, smart phones

Ukraine, Iraq and the price of oil

Analysts have started to worry about high gas prices impacting economic growth in the U.S.
Posted In: Oil, ukraine, Iraq

How Comp-Sci went from fad to must-have major

47 years ago , Joel Moses remembers having to defend computer science at MIT
Posted In: computer science, college

Horseshoe crab blood (and, why conservation pays)

The race to find a synthetic replacement for the blood of horse shoe crabs.
Posted In: pharmaceuticals, nature, horseshoe crabs
An Airbus A380 comes in for a landing in 2102 in Hampshire,  England.

Airbus just can't take flight

Sales of Airbus long-haul planes have been grounded lately.
Posted In: air lines, Airbus, Airbus A380

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