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Teens across the country are breaking out the lawn mowers and ice cream scoops, hoping for a little extra cash in their pockets. But whose money is it, really? We look at how that hard-earned money should be managed. Plus money wisdom from the commencement pulpit. And we head out into the trenches for a little internship boot camp at "The Soup."

An alternative to the college degree?

New kinds of credentials could offer a cheaper path to a good job.
Posted In: Education, cost, technology, college

To guzzle or not to guzzle?

Cars are as American as apple pie, but with the rising price of oil, more Americans are opting for other oil-free means of transportation.
Posted In: Oil, gasoline, gas prices, fuel economy, biking, scott tong

Teen summer jobs: Whose money is it, anyway?

It's summertime and many teens are making the most of it by getting a job. They worked for that money, so they should have full control over it. Or should they?
Posted In: summer vacation, kids, teens, summer jobs, financial literacy

Should the government help you lose weight?

Obesity is a recognized problem, but commentator Justin Wilson says it's a problem that's best solved by personal choices, not government intervention.
Posted In: Commentaries, obesity, Michael Bloomberg

The intern's life

"Intern Queen" Lauren Berger shares how to get the most from an internship or an intern. And host Tess Vigeland also discusses her day as an intern for a TV show. Does she have the chops to make it in Hollywood?
Posted In: internship, summer jobs, interview, Jobs

The Purple Squirrel: Is the hiring process broken?

Author Peter Cappelli discusses the pitfalls of the online-based job application process and how it is preventing employers from capturing the elusive "purple squirrel."
Posted In: Jobs, hiring, human resources, job applications

Prom spending keeps rising

Would you spend $1,000 to go to prom? Many do. The recession, if anything, is a bigger motivator to go big for a high school dance party.
Posted In: high school, prom, family budget

College grads, please don't hurt us

Author Charles Wheelan asks recent college grads to not use their new knowledge for evil.
Posted In: commencement, college grads, college degree, evil

Piggies for a mentor and mentee

This week, we're recognizing an American civil worker who bestowed personal finance knowledge -- from our show! -- to an intern.
Posted In: piggy bank award, financial literacy

Soaring rhetoric: 2012 commencement addresses

With graduation in the air, here's a sampling of inspiring commencement speeches of 2012 featured in today's show.
Posted In: graduation, college grads, commencement speech, speech, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

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