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Happy Father's Day! We talk to a few fathers about the changing role of men in the family. And forget the politicians and pundits. In pubs across the eurozone, real people are talking about who to blame for the euro crisis. One answer? The banking system. Our man in London walks into a bar. Several, actually. Plus, the simple way one family figured out whether mom or dad would stay home with the kids. And we explore a problem plaguing moms, dads, pretty much all of us: food expiration dates.

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Dump that internship

Spending summers working for no money seems like something students must do to land a job after graduation. But author Ross Perlin says there's more value in flipping burgers during the school break.
Posted In: Commentary, internships, Jobs, employment, college

To pay or not to pay your kids?

A father tackles the difficult question of how to dole out allowance to his children.
Posted In: Commentaries, children, allowance, Personal Finance

For teaching her kid money smarts

A Nebraska mother wins this week's Piggy Award for sharing how she taught her now-adult daughter how to save and spend.
Posted In: children, Saving, spending, Personal Finance

What do the dates on food mean?

There are a lot of different dates on the food you buy at the grocery store. Learn how to decipher them and how to save food and money.
Posted In: Food, sustainability, Saving, spending

Eurozone pub crawl: How Europeans feel about the crisis

With economists panicking about the future of Europe, we sent reporter Stephen Beard on a five-nation pub crawl to talk to real people about the future of the eurozone.
Posted In: Europe, Euro Eurozone, Europe debt crisis

Fed survey: Median net worth fell 40% during recession

A scary new survey from the Federal Reserve shows the average U.S. family's wealth plunged during the recession.
Posted In: Fed, net worth

Chronicling the new American family

Author Jeremy Adam Smith discusses stay-at-home dads, bread-winning moms, and the evolving American workforce.
Posted In: parental roles, workforce

Rock, paper, income: The life of a stay-at-home dad

Stay-at-home dad Kenny Messer on the challenges and rewards of being home with the kids.
Posted In: dads, father's day, parenting, kids

Letters: Refinancing an underwater condo

Host Tess Vigeland is joined by Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch and the L.A. Times' David Lazarus to discuss reader concerns and talk to listeners.
Posted In: mortgage refinance, letters, david lazarus, paddy hirsch

Happy Father's Day, Part I

Fathers around the country share their best Father's Day memories with us.
Posted In: father's day

Happy Father's Day, Part II

More fathers around the country share their best Father's Day memories with us.
Posted In: father's day

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