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The numbers for May 29, 2013: 'One million dollars...'

$3.5 billion

The estimated insurance cost of last week's tornado in Oklahoma. Bloomberg News is reporting this does not include wrecked cars covered under auto policies. Marketplace's Krissy Clark shares some of the more human costs. (Marketplace)

Cobalt 60

The likely radioactive material contained in some metal-studded leather belts sold by British online retailer Asos. Radiation levels were very low, so the recall back in January was voluntary -- it's only now become public. (The Guardian)

$1 million

The cost of some Hampton's summer rentals. CNBC did the math, and that's about 9 thousand eight hundred dollars a day, but you'll get a nice pool and all-you-can eat square footage. (CNBC)

The numbers for May 28, 2013: 50 ways to eat your burger


The amount of money you would have if you bought Apple shares in 2003 instead of a PowerBook. (The Next Web)

$125 billion

The economic cost of pregnant mothers not getting enough to eat around the world, according to charity Save the Children. Malnourishment before birth is associated with cognitive impairments that reduce a baby's future earnings potential. (NBC News)


The number of different ways you can order a hamburger and sides from McDonald's. The company is reportedly looking for ways to slim down its menu. (Marketplace)


Cost of a Tylenol at some hospitals. Why? Oregon Public Radio finds out. Hint: It has to do with automatic cost adjustments. (OPB)

17 weeks

Paid leave offered to Reddit employees when they become a mom or a dad. How's that compare to traditional media? Not so well. (Mother Jones)

The numbers for May 27, 2013: On the 7's

47 seconds

The flight time between two of the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the shortest scheduled flight. Stuart Linklater of Loganair, who has flow the hop 12,000 times over 24-years, is retiring. (Skift)

$700 million

The bid to buy Club Med resorts. The company's top shareholders are setting a friendly take-over in motion and are looking to shift focus away from Europe to emerging markets. (Reuters)

$8.7 billion

The amount Valeant Pharmaceuticals will pay to buy Bausch + Lomb. Two guys from Germany, John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb, founded the company in 1853. (Wall Street Journal)

The numbers for May 24, 2013: 50 years of library fines

0, 1, 2

Numbers can be dry, especially for an insurance processor. But home insurer Schofields does get some amusing claims every so often, including damages for construction of an indoor beach and pig's blood. (The Telegraph)

500 years

The age of German beer purity law "Reinheitsgebot." The Association of German Breweries is worried that hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" could jeapardize the purity of the groundwater that goes into beer. (Der Spiegel)

163 mph

The speed of a bike powered with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide is combined with a catalyst to make heat, water and then steam. The steam shoots out of a tiny nozzle on the bike to push it forward. And bravo to the cyclist for following that all important rule: Always wear a helmet. (The Telegraph)

50 years

Keith Richards admitted to owing 50 years worth of library fines. Might be time to find that book and return it? (NME)


How many heavy metal albums Christopher Lee has released. You may remember him from "Lord of the Rings" or "Dracula." "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" comes out next week. (Hammer)

The beat of the sequester furloughs marches on

As a result of sequester, the IRS, HUD, the EPA and Office of Management and Budget become part of the biggest wave of government office closures since 1995.
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The numbers for May 23, 2013: Happy birthday, Bob!

$18.5 trillion

The amount of money being sheltered by individuals in tax havens around the world, according to anti-poverty group Oxfam. Oxfam says it could end poverty on earth...twice over. (The Guardian)


How many less people signed up for unemployment benefits last week versus the week before. It's a volatile statistic, but one to keep an eye on. (USA Today)


The age of Robert Moog, who invented the analogue Moog synthesizer. It gained notoriety at the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival and has been used by keyboard lovers like Stevie Wonder ever since. Happy Birthday Bob!


The monthly mobile phone bill for a couple from Swansea, Wales. The phone was quietly connecting to the Internet every 20 minutes for three weeks. The husband says he did notice his phone was running a bit warm. (BBC)


The number of drone strikes carried out by the CIA and Department of Defense, as released by Bloomberg.


The percent of community college students who go on to receive a four-year degree. Meanwhile, 69 percent of four-year college students earn a degree. (Century Foundation)

The numbers for May 22, 2013: Can I get a side of fries with my 3-D pizza?


The proportion of its workforce business software company SAP wants autistic employees to make up by 2020. The company announced today that it will start actively recruiting autistic talent. (BBC)


What you might think of if you were to sink your teeth into pot bacon. A Seattle butcher is feeding marijuana to pigs in order to make the stuff. (KOMO News)


The amount of research money NASA is putting towards the development of 3D printed foods for space. You can see an infographic of how 3D printed pizza might be made here.  (Washington Post)


The percent of doctors and health care providers who are now using electronic medical records, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Starting in 2015, the federal government will start penalizing providers who have yet to switch to digital records as part of the Affordable Care Act. (Wall Street Journal)

$2 billion

The estimated cost of the Oklahoma tornado damage. (AP)

Meet Daniel Werfel, the new chief of the IRS

Daniel Werfel starts Wednesday as the new acting administrator of the Internal Revenue Service, succeeding Steven T. Miller, who resigned under pressure last week.
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The numbers for May 21, 2013: One is the loneliest number

56,000 MPH

The speed at which NASA estimates a meteoriod hit the moon last Friday. Check out a video the big explosion which reportedly could be seen with the naked eye. (NASA)


The loneliest number. A mass transit company in Prague is trying to fix that and get more people out of cars and in to the metro. Ropid has announced a proposal to create train cars just for singles seeking a soul mate. (Reuters)

48 hours, 8 minutes, and 25 seconds

The new world record for riding a fairground or theme park attraction -- in this case, a Ferris wheel. (NBC News)


The tarriff charged by the U.S. on Chinese solar panels. The U.S. and EU, who have been chafing at alleged illegal Chinese subsidies for solar panels, have decided to negotiate settlements with China to try to create regional markets for solar equipment.  (New York Times)


The score Comcast received as an ISP, out of 100. Bad news for ISPs: They're now rated worse than airlines in customer service. (BGR)

Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion to get hip

Yahoo buys Tumblr in an effort to reach a younger audience.
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