Katie Long is an associate producer for Marketplace Morning Report. She plans news coverage for the daily show in addition to producing host interviews and series, such as "Pro Tool" and "Brain Drain."

Katie started with Marketplace in 2012 working for the digital team in New York. By 2013, she was directing Marketplace Morning Report and Marketplace Tech in Los Angeles. A recent highlight from her field work includes producing a week-long series exploring the ways New Orleans’ business community and schools have changed since Hurricane Katrina. Prior to Marketplace, Katie freelanced for Slate, WNYC, and New York Magazine.

Katie graduated from Duke University, majoring in public policy, with minors in chemistry and political science.


Features by Katie Long

The numbers for July 8, 2013: Number play


The number of years since a Brit won at Wimbledon, or so we're told. Turns out, 77 is the right number but in the wrong context. It has not been 77 years since a British player won Wimbledon. Virginia Wade did it 36 years ago, back in the year -- wait for it -- '77. (Marketplace)


The percent of the world's wood Scandanavian furniture company IKEA uses every year. (Pacific Standard)


The year the Apple 1 computer was first sold in Silicon Valley for the devilish price of $666.66. Christie's is auctioning off the first ever Apple product tomorrow. (All Things D)

The numbers for July 5, 2013: Close, but no cigar

30 million

Samsung sold 30 million more smartphones than Apple in the first quarter of 2013. They also posted a 47 percent increase in profit for the second quarter. Investors wanted more and sent the company's stock down this morning. (Marketplace)


The U.S. added 195,000 non-farm jobs in June, edging out analyst forecasts but not enough to lower the unemployment rate. Part-time jobs shot up as well as hiring in the retail and tourism sectors. (BLS)


Phone companies Huawei and China Mobile say they are now providing fast 4G mobile data service to Mount Everest. Not all the way at the top, but at 17,000 feet. (Telegraph)

Yahoo's acquisition merry-go-round continues

With July comes three more investments: Bignoggins Productions, Qwiki and Xobni.
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The numbers for July 4, 2013: Happy Birthday, America

$59 Million

The estimated damage to Liberty and Ellis Island from Sandy. The Statue of Liberty, closed since the storm, reopens today. (AP)


The proportion of Mercedes car lines that use hemp in door panels. The hemp business is hoping to get a boost today as the U.S. Capitol flies an American flag made of hemp for the Fourth of July holiday. (Marketplace)


The number of hot dogs Joey "Jaws" Chestnut ate in 10 minutes at last year's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. Today he'll see if he can break his record. (USA Today)

Yelp Worldmap: Testing the correlation between hipsters and money

Yelp has created heat maps showing the geographical density for search terms 'hipster,' 'pricey,' and more. Here's our (unscientific) look at the correlation between hipsters and money.
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The numbers for July 2, 2013: Thousands, millions, billions


In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, car-for-hire app Uber will be offering helicopter rides for $3,000 to Hampton's visitors. (CNET)


Candy Crush Saga, a mobile gaming app, now has 150 million monthly users. To put that in perspective, only about 125 million people voted in the last presidential election. (Bloomberg)


Think student loans are a scourge of the young? Think again. According to data from the New York Federal Reserve, Americans aged 60 years and older now owe $43 billion in student loan debt. (Reuters)

The numbers for July 1, 2013: 2013 and a half

2013 and 1/2
Happy half birthday, 2013. With the year half over, what's the economic temperature? This week's thermometers: U.S. manufacturing data and the monthly jobs report. (Marketplace)

Unlucky 13

The European Union has accused some of the biggest names in banking of anti-trust violations. Name a famous one, they're likely on the list -- Bank of America, Citigroup, Barclays -- 13 in all. (Reuters)

13 million

The number of votes Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi won in his election exactly a year ago Sunday. Protests have erupted again in Egypt, with demonstrators calling for Morsi to step down. The military has given the government 48 hours to restore order before they step in. (CNN)

Jennifer Lopez, Turkmenistan and a history of celebrity guilt-by-association

Jennifer Lopez is not alone when it comes to enjoying the lavish company of controversial figures.
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The numbers for June 28, 2013


Guess who's back? The good old sequester. The Pentagon will start furloughing 650,000 civilian Pentagon employees next week as part of the across the board budget cuts. (Marketplace)


According to the polling firm Gallup, one in five U.S. employees are undermining the organizations they work for. (ed note: Hmm, [looks around], I'm sitting in a room with five people.) (Gallup)


Oh, lord, won't you buy me...a bible signed by Einstein. One sold for $68,500 at an auction in New York City. Einstein included a note inside saying the book "is a great source of wisdom and consolation and should be read frequently." (USA Today)

The numbers for June 27, 2013: Everybody's a winner


Oprah is once again the most powerful celebrity, according to Forbes' annual top 100 list. (Forbes)


Walmart has dropped her, so has the Food Network and Novo Nordisk, but despite the corporate exodus, Paula Deen is still number one on Amazon. Her new cook book, Paula Deen's New Testament, which won't be out for another three months, sits atop the best seller list. (Slate)

No. 1

After lawmakers overrode a Mayoral veto earlier today, New York City has officially become the biggest city to require employers to give paid sick days to their workers. (AP)


For once, interns took the prize, as they ran printouts of the Supreme Court decisons on same-sex marriage to their bosses yesterday. (Marketplace/Buzzfeed)


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