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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico could run out of money in three months

The economy crashed when corporations moved out, but the government kept spending.
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Plastic bottles and cans took over glass bottles as the drink holder of choice for beverage distributors in the late '50s.

How the humble glass bottle lost its appeal

Plastic proved more convenient than glass. Now it's easier to recycle, too.
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Why NBA is first U.S. pro league to go to Cuba

The NBA plans a basketball clinic in Cuba for later this month.
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An oil rig extracts petroleum.

Oil layoffs start at wellheads and work their way up

Unemployment claims have doubled in Texas as the oil industry sheds workers.
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Etsy, the online store known for handmade trinkets from around the world, has filed to go public with a $100 million IPO.

A crafty IPO

Etsy plans to target small investors and keep big ones at a minimum.
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Shelling out for a BG takeover

Two giants team up for a combo the likes of which hasn't been seen since ExxonMobil.
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Alabama confuses taxes for same-sex couples

Only one state doesn't advise same-sex couples on how to comply with state tax laws.
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 Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during a press conference March 31, 2015 at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How discrimination fits into the business model

Businesses can bounce unwanted customers, but not whole classes of customers.
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A house clearly marked for sale in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Do higher home prices mean the market is rebounding?

The answer is complicated, thanks to that basic economic rule: supply and demand.
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